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Identity design

S-Kinesis is a holistic wellness studio based in Paris, offering physiotherapy, pilates and yoga services with the help of 6 practitioners.

The founder approached me to design  a brand identity for the wellness studio. The client aimed at creating a bespoke identity that helped communicating the complexity of the different techniques the studio offers, helping connecting the mind and the body through wellness.

To do so, I designed a contemporary bold logotype conveying the ideas of physical power and energy. Balanced with a Serif typeface that refines and softens the identity to still feel premium. The colour palette helps defining a peaceful visual environment as well as defining trust and selling the expertise of the studio. Finally, the photographic art direction plays with crops and body movement direction, which enables to express the complexities of the human body and the importance to care for it.

The brand identity aims at inspiring the audience as well as selling in the expertise of the wellness studio.

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