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Brand positioning + naming

Identity design

Capri is a joint venture, based in Dubai lead by by H.E. Mohammad Al Shehhi and Tariq Khayyat, former architect for Zaha Hadid. Together, they wanted to create a premium property development company that goes beyond simply building new flats. Their wish was to to expand globally and propose a more personal brand experience than their competitors, based on lifestyle.

They approached 6 different agencies in London, and the pitched concept presented below won the competition.

‘Ruya’ meaning ‘Vision’ in Arabic proposes a brand experience that carefully considers what it means to build tomorrow’s co-living spaces in Dubai. What communities and what culture did we want to create for Ruya’s audience? The brand positioning and identity build a bridge between Occidental and Middle Eastern lifestyles, as we question ourselves on the visual and consumerism cultures that the brand yearns to offer.

Ruya portrays a bespoke identity that conveys the warmth of environment, a serene tone of voice based on the ideas of future and envisioning as well as a curated story-told user experience through web design and social media content. From the photography art direction to the smallest details of the logotype, Ruya’s identity aims at curating the culture and lifestyle we want to see for our Dubai audience.

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